Currently, about 30% of the world’s international students are studying in the US. In Vietnam, studying in the US is also considered the first choice. The Department of Culture and Education under the US Department of State released data that there are currently 15,000 Vietnamese international students studying at universities and colleges in the US in 2011. That number represents an increase of 14% over the previous year. with the previous year. And VN ranks 8th in the group of countries with the most international students in the United States. Have you ever wondered why studying in the US is so popular in the world?

  1. Excellent and global education.

America has successfully built one of the best education systems in the world with many excellent programs in all fields of study. At the undergraduate level, American universities have many outstanding programs in popular subjects as well as specialized areas for students to choose from. At Master’s and Doctoral levels, students regularly have the opportunity to study and work with world-leading researchers. Degrees awarded by American universities are recognized worldwide for the quality of their teaching.

The study and experience gained from an American university is highly appreciated and has a reputation in the international job market. American education pays special attention to training towards students’ long-term career goals. Studying in the US will help students develop confidence, build critical thinking skills, adapt and communicate in a multicultural environment. All of these skills are highly valued by employers around the world.

  1. Diverse learning opportunities and appropriate career choices.

The higher education system in the US gives everyone every chance. A few American universities focus on teaching popular subjects, others focus on practical, related to professional sophistication, and still others specialize in technical fields. , art, or social sciences.

The American system of undergraduate and graduate education offers many options for students. The design of the curriculum has always placed importance on building a program that combines a strong theoretical foundation with practical work skills. If you’re looking for a less popular program or a very specialized discipline like Aging and Aging Studies, you’ll find plenty of such programs in the US to choose from. If you want to find a university to study a certain subject that you are very interested in, even if the field is few or very specialized, you can still find a number of schools in the US to choose from.

  1. Research, teaching and training opportunities

In the United States, students enrolled in graduate programs have the opportunity to gain valuable research and teaching experience through research assistantship and teaching assistant programs. These programs also help students cover some of the cost of studying. The practical experience that students accumulate will be extremely useful for future careers in the field of research and teaching.

  1. Being exposed to cutting-edge technology, top-notch techniques throughout the learning process.

American universities take great pride in being at the forefront of engineering and teaching techniques, and providing opportunities for their students with the best tools and support. Even if you are not studying a discipline that is directly related to engineering or science, you will have the opportunity to acquire cutting-edge techniques to become expert in your profession with the most up-to-date techniques for collecting and processing. to obtain and process information.

American universities are committed to using these technologies and techniques in their teaching to expose students to the latest technologies in Science, Engineering and other related disciplines. As a result, schools in the US have trained a team of graduates who are ready to immediately enter the labor market with all the necessary skills and the ability to use the latest technologies and techniques.

  1. Diversity of support services for international students.

American universities always welcome international students and have support systems to help students best adapt to life in the US. Services at international student offices make the transition to a new environment easier for students. Support activities are organized throughout the school year from organizing an initial integration information program to supporting students in academic writing skills and especially resume writing skills for students. for graduating students.