It is also referred to as the modular Surface Studio. has published some rather interesting insights into the development of Microsoft’s Surface products. There are also brief information about potential products that we can expect. So far, the information is without warranty.

Among other things, a Surface Laptop notebook will be available in Microsofte, which will have an AMD processor. In addition, there will be models with Intel, of course. Although very slow, but more and more companies are starting to use AMD processors – especially because of their price / performance ratio. Especially Ryzen solutions meant a certain turnaround for AMD – before we saw AMD really only sporadically in laptops. The new notebook should use the Picasso architecture.

However, the AMD’s Surface Laptop should only be discovered a year later – in the fourth quarter of 2019.

The arrival of a completely redesigned Surface Pro is also expected. But perhaps the Andromeda project, which is supposed to be a hybrid device – perhaps including a flexible display – is even more important. Overall, however, the device should be significantly larger than originally suggested. There will be no “LTE device in your pocket”.

They are also talking about the arrival of the modular Surface Studio, which is a big all-in-one for demanding buyers. The modular design should greatly expand its application and simplify upgrades.

The Surface Book is also being refined to work on the new hinge mechanism system, which currently has a few opponents. The famous “gap” should be removed.

Telekom ends up with prepaid prepaid coupons

One of the reasons is the declining interest of customers. Telekom announced today that it will officially end the sale of prepaid paper rechargeable coupons from January 2019.

Consumers have gradually diverted from this credit recharge method and are choosing more convenient ways, such as recharging via the internet or an operator application.

Statements are also to be substantiated by internal statistics. In 2018, only three percent of the operator’s customers used the recharge coupons.

The coupons will be officially sold by the end of the calendar year, and the remaining pieces will still be sold at the points of sale. Recharging is supposed to work in 2019, so customers don’t have to rush using coupons.

There are several alternatives

Telekom recalls a number of current ways in which customers can recharge prepaid cards: via the Telecom application, from the monthly program, via the Internet, Facebook, the Viamo application, POS terminals, ATMs, in Telekom centers, Tipos collections, on the post office or through other banking channels.