Also, the Chinese concern Lenovo is planning to offer a similar phone.

Next year would not only be a year of 5G phones (or fifth generation networks as such), but also folding phones and devices equipped with a relatively innovative element – the opening in the display.

In fact, such a hole in the display is supposed to replace the classic cutout, but it certainly does not smell all users. That is why the equipment manufacturers are trying to save what they can by allowing the software to cover the cutout with a black band. However, the lower the total working area and potentially the so-called OLED panels burning.

An interesting solution – at least at first glance – is to use just the hole in the display. It is really just a small hole, into which the default selfie camera should fit. Maybe we will also see different double holes for other elements, respectively. Dual selfie camera. However, current device prototypes still show only one opening.

China’s Lenovo is a prime manufacturer that should also offer a smartphone with an opening in the display. It is supposed to be a “Lenovo Z5s” model, and the phone can be introduced by the end of this calendar year.

Note that while most of the proposed designs place an opening in the display on the side of the display, Lenovo should place the cutout in the center of the top of the display. How it should look in practice already basically know – escaped because the alleged live images to be captured “in action” just the news from Lenovo.

The Lenovo Z5s also has a 6.3-inch display and a triple camera. We should find the “modern Snapdragon chipset” in the bowels, mentioning different models, except Snapdragon 675, even the Snapdragon 8150 (not yet introduced). However, if the phone gets to be sold in the coming months, it may not be deceptive.

For example, the Chinese brand Oppo is expected to offer a display opening in its models. Much more attention, however, will be attracted by a pair of manufacturers, Huawei and Samsung, as both companies are also struggling for the primacy of technology leader and leader in the market for smartphones.

Huawei tentatively only briefly indicated that he plans to include a cut-out phone in December. The South Korean Samsung was “more open” – it is about the Galaxy A8s, which we may also see in December.

Finally, according to recent reports, the Galaxy A8s is supposed to use an LCD display with an opening (and not an AMOLED), with the panel being supplied by BOE. Samsung is used to refer to such a display as “Infinity-O”. At the same time (next year) plans to introduce models with classic cut-out.

In addition, the introduction of the new Galaxy with an opening can also indicate the direction in which the design of the upcoming Samsung flagships will go. At least one of the members of the Galaxy S10 family should also have an opening in the display, respectively. “Infinity-O” display.

However, the opening itself will be improved. Not only with the use of a different display panel technology (LCD vs. OLED), but the opening is said to be more progressive. While the Galaxy A8s hole should have a diameter of 6.7mm, the Galaxy S10 has a “distortion” diameter of about 2-3mm.

Samsung Galaxy A8s should also offer a Snapdragon 710 chipset, 6 GB of RAM and a relatively weak 3,000 mAh battery.

Moreover, Apple also patented the opening in the display instead of the cutout. So we’ll see.