There is also a fix for problems with Windows Media Player.

Microsoft has released a cumulative update for users working on Windows 10 1809 devices. This is the so-called “tens of October” October update. Update KB4469342 will increase Windows 10 numbering to build 17763.168.

It solves several problems. For example, improperly uploading files to Microsoft OneDrive services when files are dragged and dropped using the Edge Web Browser.

Also reported were shortcomings regarding Internet Explorer, Bluetooth headsets, rasman.exe, regedit.exe, and mapped disks.

At the same time, Microsoft has acknowledged the update issue KB4467682, which was released on November 27 for users with earlier Windows 10 versions of 1803. The update has made it particularly hard on Surface Book 2, where it even crashes into the “blue screen of death”.

Microsoft has blocked the delivery of the update, and the issue should be completely eliminated as part of the December security patches – that is, next Tuesday, December 11th.

It is also likely that in the same term Microsoft will also offer a fix for Windows Media Player, which has lost some of its functionality (especially the bottom slider is not shown when playing videos.

IT professionals don’t change their jobs for money. Most often they are attracted by something else

Almost half of the survey participants think that they do not care about them, they do not have enough information about the presented company and job description.

Why do Slovak IT experts think most about changing employers? Not because of better payroll or employer benefits, but looking for more interesting work. The reason was up to 86% of respondents For 78%, the chief motivator was to learn something new.

It results from a survey by Mentor Partners and Robí At the turn of October and November, more than 600 people took part in it.

They choose from multiple menus

Over the past year, over 40% of survey participants have changed their IT jobs in Slovakia – three-quarters of them choose from two to five offers.

Higher pay is the third most common cause for change. “Only a minority wonders how big a business is and whether they already have acquaintances or friends there,” the authors said on the survey results page.

Will it use the state?

According to ITAS, 10,000 IT experts are missing from the market. The problem of weak pay is a problem for the state. However, non-financial factors can play in his favor, for example, the last time, for example, the head of the section of informatisation of public administration Jaroslav Kmeť.

He said to Živé.sk: “It is very difficult to compete with the commercial sector. In order to deliver a quality result, we need to combine little experience and enthusiasm [on the one hand] with consulting services [on the other]. ”

Personnel lack interest or insight

It is interesting to identify the most common source of frustration for ITchildren. They are recruiters.

“They lack an overview in IT or are not sufficiently informed about the company, job description or payroll,” explains the implementers.

Almost 90% of the candidates expect IT to focus on them and 75% would also welcome the ability to evaluate the IT competencies of the job seeker.