This is a new broadcaster that will launch its third channel in the short term.

The Polish broadcaster Michał Winnicki Entertainment is likely to launch the Top Kids HD children’s station in Slovakia and the Czech Republic in the coming days.

Today, the channel has started testing in the IPTV service Better TV, which is also available in our country. So far, the channel only offers selected music videos or fairy tale songs. However, Disney content is also likely to appear in the broadcast.

It is likely that the channel will be localized – probably to the Czech language. Details have not yet been announced by the broadcaster. However, it seems to be a Polish version of Top Kids, suggesting a pictogram used by our northern neighbors. In addition, at the time of writing, at least one program was available with Polish subtitles.

Interestingly, it will be available in HD quality right away. Popular Disney Channel or Minimax are still only in SD quality.

Currently, the company operates Music Power TV HD and in the past days has also launched the sports-documentary Adventure TV. Both stations offer UPC and the first one in SD and Skylink. In the short term, the satellite operator will add Adventure TV SD.

Orange: Higher pack of 4G will not be ordered at most Slovakia

Existing clients can continue to use the service without restrictions.

Orange canceled new activation of fixed 4G Internet Home Premium in most of Slovakia. Clients can only order a limited 15/2 Mbit / s program for 15 euros with 60 GB of data followed by a slowdown to 0.13 Mbit / s.

The Home Premium package with a speed of 30/3 Mbit / s was provided until recently in the whole of Slovakia. For 19.9 euros monthly offered the opportunity to spend 300 GB of data followed by a slowdown to 0.25 Mbit / s. Orange has confirmed the restriction.

“Yes, at 800 MHz we have limited the new Home Premium 4G activation. In order to provide our customers with a good quality connection, we decided to provide this program mainly at 2600 MHz, or 800 + 2600 MHz, ”said Orange spokeswoman Alexandra Piskunová in a statement for Živé.sk.

The reason for the cancellation of new activations on 800 MHz frequency is, according to Orange, capacity bandwidth limitation.

With this kind of connection, “home” use is assumed, despite the fact that the signal is spread across normal mobile frequencies. Transmission to other sites is not allowed.

More expensive package only in larger cities

Orange provides 4G at 800 MHz frequency in the vast majority of the territory, with a combination of 2,600 MHz only in larger cities. If you want to know what fixed 4G internet package you can set up, you can check availability on the provider’s website.

There is no change for clients who already use a higher Home Premium. “If the customer has an active Home Premium 4G service at 800 MHz, of course, he can continue to use it as he has done so far,” Piskun said.

The company did not specify how many customers use a fixed LTE connection.