For example, GIMP or ISO Workshop has been included in the current software selection. At the same time we will introduce TaskSchedulerView and Squoosh in more detail.

Software corner- Introducing interesting software

This section includes a more detailed introduction of software that you can install or run from a hard disk or removable disk device. We focus on free Windows programs.

The free TaskSchedulerView application shows in a very clear form all the tasks that we have set up, respectively. are available in newer Windows systems. The application directly cooperates with Task Scheduler in the operating system.

The main advantage of the application is above all clarity and faster task handling. For we see everything in the palm of your hand. Initially, the initialization is performed, and then the individual tasks are displayed as a detailed list. Of course, technical information is not missing, and we can directly influence the scope of the information through settings – by selecting individual columns. For example, whether it’s a hidden task, activity type, source folder, user startup account, and more.

Subsequently, individual items (tasks) can be switched off, respectively. stop and turn on, respectively. permit. Of course there is a possibility to export reports for further investigation. There is also a lack of transition to Windows Task Scheduling, and we run the “as an administrator” application if necessary. We also know how to control it through the command line, which can be useful for scripting. Of course there is also search and filtering within items.

TaskSchedulerView does not require installation, we can also find Slovak language between program localizations.

Chasys Draw IES 4.56.01

Comprehensive graphics workflow package. It includes a Chasys Draw IES graphics editor, Chasys Draw IES Converter and Chasys Draw IES Viewer. All components support manipulation of raw RAW format.

Contact / Download: (Windows, 24MB, free)

Microsoft Patches

On Tuesday, November 13, Microsoft released security patches that fix various product bugs – including Windows 10 different editions. He also restarted the process of delivering the “tens” update in October to devices. More in detail in a separate article.

At the same time, a new version of the free Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool 5.66 was released.

Free Web Tools

If you consider classic software to be an experience, we will bring you tips for useful web applications. They can be run directly from the web browser environment and are system independent.

The Squoosh web app aims to offer the ability to compress existing images or photos directly through an Internet browser. This potentially saves data when sending content via e-mail.

At the beginning, we can – by dragging and dropping or loading from the disk – insert the corresponding image. Alternatively, we can use pre-built projects to test your application’s capabilities.

Then we move to the main application window. The environment is unusual. There are elements showing the original and final file size (with the possibility to download the files), the magnifying glass section and also the image manipulation menu.

Here we have basic functions for image editing, especially the change of dimensions, reducing the number of colors (sometimes we can significantly save data without draining the final quality), further adjust the quality, respectively. choose the compression method of the resulting image. In doing so, we can always control the size of the image and how much percent we have actually saved.

In addition, advanced settings are added where we can manipulate channels, for example, or apply a smoothing level to the image / photo.

At the same time, the application was interesting in displaying the preview of the original and final image. We have a slider available on the desktop to move around the image. It represents the boundary between the original and the modified image. According to its location, we can see either the entire original, the entire modified image or a combination of both – at the same time, it is much easier to compare the quality of the resulting and the original image.

Choosing interesting browser extensions:

Google Calendar – an extension for Chrome and compatible with a Google Calendar Calendar extended hand. Allows you to add new events without leaving the currently viewed page – everything is done via the button

Foxy Gestures – Extensions bring customizable gestures to Firefox. This is an alternative to FireGestures.