In December we have a furious ride, but also a horror movie.

Only one month remains by the end of the year, and Sony has revealed what titles await us at this year’s latest free-of-play games round of PlayStation Plus. The company informed about titles on its blog.

The first title we can download for free is the horror game Soma by Amnesia’s creators: The Dark Descent. Here, too, we can look forward to a really depressing atmosphere and ubiquitous fear. We will wake up at an underwater station where we will be largely alone among enemy robots.

If you prefer adrenaline instead of fear, there is an Onrush racing title for you. Although it will not be so much about racing and getting the first place, rather than destroying enemies and making stunts on the track.

On PlayStation 3, we will be able to download the lesser-known titles Steredenn and Steinsgate in December. In the case of PS Vita Pocket Console, Iconoclasts will be available as well as the popular Indian title Papers, Please.

All the above-mentioned games will be available for free download from December 4th. You must have a PlayStation Plus subscription to receive them.

Google has redesigned its translator, handles documents

The Translator page is responsive and provides easy access to document history or translation.

Google is beginning to change the design of its Translator. In the editorial, we’ve already noticed a change in the user interface, which has been redesigned by the “Material Theme” popular on other Google services.

At first glance, a smoother design of elements and new buttons increase. These are mainly the “Text”

and “Documents” buttons. In addition to the classic text translation, Google Translator also allows for machine translation of the content of documents of various formats.

The resulting translation does not provide the file, nor the “bubble” of the translated text, but only as plain text in the browser window. Only one file at a time can be submitted for translation.

Controls are generally larger and simple and quick to choose the language of the original text and the language in which you want to translate the output. Automatic original text detection has been preserved, as has instant translation without having to press Enter, dictate text, or play written text.

Three new possibilities were added under the translation windows. The first shows the translation history. The history opens to the right in the Translated Text pane. Shown is the original text as well as the translation and languages ​​that have been used.

The star icon symbolizes saved translations. Indeed, you can star the selected translations and save them to the Saved tab. Here, you can filter alphabetically, by date, or by translating languages ​​by clicking on the used language tag from saved translations.

The last button will link you to the community page. In addition, the entire site is responsive from now on, and if, for example, you reduce the browser window, the Translator is modified to be still reasonably usable, and the windows are placed underneath.

The company has begun to distribute the new Translator Web site and should change it if you don’t have it yet.