New Rector Announces Building of Electronic University.

The Slovak Technical University (STU) will lead a new rector between 2019 and 2023. Robert Redhammer will be replaced by Miroslav Fikar, who last served as head of the Institute of Information Engineering, Automation and Mathematics at the Faculty of Chemical and Food Technology of STU.

Redhammer did not seek a position – he had been in office for two consecutive years, and no more law allowed.

Fikar is dedicated to automation, process control, modeling and simulation. In the program he announced the support of elite students and the motivation of others or the dissemination of modern forms of teaching.

It also wants to develop international cooperation, link research and practice or build an “electronic university”.

Fikar is a member of the Technical Committees of the Intermediate Federation of Automated Control and the Institute of Electrical Engineering and Electronics. He is an open source activist.

During the past few days, there have also been successful elections for dean candidates at several faculties. The Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science of STU will be managed by Miloš Oravec.

The most watched YouTube video for 2018 can save lives

Slovak music was dominated by rap, and the whole world was intrigued by a video about pregnancy. Especially Slovak works attracted attention on YouTube this year. The positive is that educational videos are the most watched. One can save life.

Mandatory literature and types of people

Surprisingly, the non-musical ladder – Rapper Separ’s first two places. Both videos were created as part of the Baštrng project by Michal Kubovčík, who in an entertaining way describes the school curriculum.

However, the most watched video pursued a different purpose. “In a top video called CPR (Separation Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation), Separ explains the basic ways to revive a person if a sudden stop in the heart or breathing occurs,” says Google. Since September it has reached nearly 1.2 million views.

This is followed by a video-view of the short story, The Wake Up by Martin Kukučín.

The first three is closed by Zrebny & Frlajs, which portrays people in the toilet. Although it has almost 1.7 million views, it was already on the Internet in April.

Rap kraluje

In the field of music performers, rapper – Kalima with song Nejsom the Right was the most successful. Historically for the first time, the whole top three was shared by Slovak producers. Out of the first five positions, foreign music is only the fourth, namely Maroon 5 with Girls Like You ft. Cardi B.

Slovak with tens of millions

And what was doing most on a global scale? The first place was taken by American designer or model Kylie Jenner and her video dedicated to her daughter, which captures the course of pregnancy. The number of launches has been approaching 77 million since February.

For an unprecedented company, she ranked third. It belongs to American youtuber David Dobrík, who comes from Košice. His video has scored almost 46.4 million views. It was published in early June.