A powerful electric car can only charge in 20 minutes from zero to 80 percent.

Although Tesla’s electric cars are still considered to be pioneers in their area, the American car manufacturer will have a lot to do to pursue competing brand ideas. Audi, shortly after the introduction of the E-Tron electric SUV, showed the concept of a truly appealing-looking sedan. It is called E-Tron GT, informs Theverge.com.

The battery has a capacity of 90 kWh, according to the WLTP standard it should be enough to reach 400 kilometers. It will not just be a city skidder. Fast charging will also contribute to normal daily use without radical limitations. A discharged battery reaches 80 percent of its capacity in 20 minutes.

Of course, an adequate network of charging stations is also needed. However, the first Audi E-Tron GT will not be available until 2021, until then, the number of stations similar to the recently introduced one in Budeč could have grown.

The good news is that the serial model should only be minimal in design. However, the manufacturer does not inform about the price yet.

Bikesharing stations are already in Zilina. Beware of a high fine

If you can’t return your bike in time, you can pay tens of euros. As we informed in early November, the city of Zilina in December plans to launch the initial phase of its own bicycle rental system. Currently, there are new docking stations in the streets to lend 120 bikes in 20 locations.

Kia Motors Slovakia Foundation, Kia, has a large plant just outside Zilina. Following the example of Bratislava and its Slovnaft BAJKA, the Žilina project will also bear the name of the main partner – BikeKIA will be called.

Free, but…

Bicycle rental in Žilina will be free of charge. Unlike Bratislava, there is no lump-sum or other charge for borrowing. However, the city has long ago announced that it will sanction people for violating the conditions.

Bicycles will be able to borrow for 60 minutes, then they must return them. However, the system is in practice allowed to bypass the user by locking the bike on the docking station and then borrowing it again immediately.

But if it does not happen and a bicycle is borrowed for longer than the allowed time, it will have to pay a high fine. Pulls off the paired credit card entered at the time of registration.

“First 60 min. free… Every 60 min. 20 euros, ”the information boards on docking stations describe the service conditions. Within 24 hours, the cumulative fine can reach a maximum of 100 euros.

“It’s because bicycles don’t stand half a day or a whole day, but to be as effective as possible. It is not a bicycle rental, where you rent a bicycle for a fee of 2 weeks, ”said Ľuboš Slebodník, head of the Municipal Office of the Žilina Municipal Office, explaining to Živé.sk at the beginning of November.

How will it work?

Bikes should be equipped with NFC, GPS and Wi-Fi location, GSM communication and e-lock. Lending will work through a mobile app.

The user registers to the system and pair the payment card. The application then enters the QR code from the bicycle, or enters its number. Of course, bikes can also be parked and locked away from docking stations.

If the user wants to end the ride and return the bike, but all the stands are occupied, it is also sufficient to lock the bike next to the docking station.

Few information on funding

The city said the editorial office did not have information about the project price. The reason is to be the fact that its implementation is primarily directed by the foundation of the South Korean automaker.

However, according to information provided by the My Žilina regional portal, the city’s annual subsidy for the operation of the project does not exceed EUR 50,000.