The system could replace or alternate with Android. Maybe according to the development of the situation.

Huawei has officially confirmed that it is working on its own operating system.

Although similar rumors have appeared before, the vice president of mobile products Bruce_Lee at Weibo was to directly confirm the information. On the subject of attention web

There is little to know about a stand-alone system, but it is “under development”. However, one day, the system could be an alternative to Google Android. Alternatively, completely replace it at least within selected or all Huawei devices.

However, Huawei does not just cope with its own operating system. At the same time, it should also test another platform from Google on its smartphones – this is a relatively new and perhaps even less publicly known FuchsiaOS system.

However, unlike Chrome OS or Android, however, the system is not based on the Linux kernel, but on its own new “Zircon” micronit.

Taxify already officially operates in Žilina and Trnava. The first drivers appeared in the cities. Customer service offers discount.

Just a few days ago, we pointed out the arrival of the Estonian startup Taxify, which provides transport through the same mobile application, to two new locations. They are Trnava and Žilina, and the service in these cities is currently in operation. Driver cars are shown on the map and can be ordered.

At the end of October, both Bratislava and Košice grew to Nitra and Prešov.

Updated 11.45: Taxiy has officially confirmed its arrival in new cities. Currently, it offers a 50% discount on basic travel.

“We aim for an average driver’s availability within 5 minutes of ordering. We assume that in the first few days this time will be a little longer, but we believe that on average it will not exceed 8 minutes, ”said Romanify Sysel, Taxify Manager for the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The company is also trying to attract new drivers. During the first three weeks of the service, the new driver will be offered a registration bonus of up to 400 euros and a bonus of up to 20 euros per day.